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Art space

1. INFORMATION: details

LOCATION: Gran Vía 129 // 36204 Vigo España // Telf: +34 986 42 44 22 · FAX: +34 986 42 04 28

CAPACITY: 150-225 people

VENUE DIMENSIONS: 15 x 10 meters

TECH RIDER: by rider

2. PAST EVENTS:coming


Our headquarters building is a good example of contemporary architecture, and it does not go unnoticed thanks to its simple elegance, its good adaptation to the space and its suitability for the purpose it was made for. This work which was designed by the architect from Vigo Alfonso Penela, was awarded the ENOR Prize, and it was also one of the finalists in the FAD Architecture Awards 2006, together with the Agbar Tower in Barcelona and the Terminal 4 in Madrid, among others.

In addition to its normal line of business – contemporary furniture, Sirvent has started a project with the young curator Ángel Calvo Ulloa – Espacio SIRVENT. Its aim is to develop a programme which combines art and design, and takes into account the points of view of both disciplines as well as the different ways in which these can come together. Therefore, a field such as design will be brought closer to the public – a field which sometimes may seem too hermetic– and it will try to create a debate which makes it possible to keep an open mind on new experiences.

The characteristics of the interventions have been decided by the Sirvent team and Ángel Calvo Ulloa, and they will be translated into a programme of activities which will be gradually revealed.