• NameConference Room - MUSEO MARCO
  • CityVigo
  • Accommodation150/250 seats


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Conference Room


LOCATION: Príncipe 54 | 36202 Vigo // t. +34 986 113 900 //

CAPACITY: 150-250 people

DIMENSIONS: 12 x 10 meters


HOTEL: to 100 meters

PARKING: only load and upload

WIFI: yes


MARCO: the museum

Located in the heart of the city’s commercial quarter, i. e. the pedestrian and centrally situated Principe street - MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo occupies what was formerly Vigo’s prison and court (1880), a place closely related to the collective memory which constitutes one of the centre’s main attractions.


It is a multipurpose space about 10 x 12 feet square. You can place chairs (150) or listen to the concert standing (250 people).

The stage is modular and it fits to the format of the band with a maximum of 8 x 4 x 0.80 meters. The sound rider depends of the show: typically installed between 3,000 to 8,000 watts with different configurations.

The auditorium has a small backstage at the side of the stage with direct access to load and unload from the street. You can not park the van indefinitely near the venue, but you has several parkings in the area.

For GPS, the best way to find the venue is writing: Ronda de Don Bosco street with London Street. Both of then surrounding the museum.

MEMORY: shows played

2005: Gang Gang Dance

2006: Atomic, Pan Sonic; Midaircondo; Josephine Foster; Isan; Apse; Salvatore

2007: Little Annie; Baby Dee; Bluviolin; Parenthetical Girls; White Magic; Raccoo-oo-oon; Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso

2008: Zu, Lightning Bolt, Pantaleimon

2009: Sir Richard Bishop; Ches Smith; Evangelista; Black Dice; Tender Forever; The Dodos; Diadermin; Circle; Emilio José; Bedroom Community

2010: Sunn O))); Eagle Twin; Kokusyoku Sumire; Sun Araw; US Girls; King Midas Sound; Prince Rama; Callers

2011: Abe Vigoda; Cass McCombs; Chrome Hoof; Bardo Pond

Rúa Príncipe

VIGO: the city

Since the birth of the city, life in Vigo has revolved around maritime trade and its port, a point of departure and return for thousands of Galician an Portuguese citizens who had to emigrate to Latin America. Due to its transformation into a metropolis over the last one hundred years during which time it has experienced the greatest economic, industrial and demographic growth in north-western Iberia, Vigo has become one of the most important fishing ports in the European Union and the city with the largest population in Galicia - nearly 300,000 inhabitants.

Part of Pontevedra county and located in a privileged enclave on the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Vigo appropriately names the most southern of the regional bays, "La Ria de Vigo". The fishing origins of the city can still be found throughout the old quarter of the city, alongside modern maritime facilities, the transatlantic docks and the fishing and canning industries. Halfway between Santiago de Compostela and the Portuguese city of Porto, Vigo is an excellent starting point for visiting and touring around Galicia and Portugal, including its nearby surroundings - the Ria and Illas Cíes, part of the llas Atlánticas National Park.